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gondoliers rehearsal.jpg
March 6th-9th 2024: Richard will play the part of the Droll in Fault Lines with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and Tête-à-Tête Opera.  

June 2nd - August 18th 2024: Richard will perform the part of John Wellington Wells in The Sorcerer with Charles Court Opera

July 11th and 13th 2024: Richard will play the part of Stephano in Island of Dreamsby Anthony Bolton at Grange Park Opera

July 30th 2024Richard will appear in concert at Buxton alongside Donald Maxwell and Bonaventura Bottone in The Three Amigos 
December 2nd - February 21st 2024/5: Richard will play the role of the Major- General in The Pirates of Penzance at English National Opera.
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